Major Achievements

The ]RHDT Project has over the last 26 years reached out to 100 communities and covering over lakh rural women, youths in rural and tribal settings in Jaipur district of Rajasthan. Besides a very large and successful program in the 5 blocks Dudu, Phagi, Jhotwara, Amer, Sanganer covering 200 villages of Jaipur district of Rajasthan, the Project has now initiated work with specific Livelihood Reconstruction projects for educated but unemployed youths (Boys / Girls) and women SHG in the outreach areas of Jaipur district.

The trust Project has strongly involved in building local community participation to build sustainability to the interventions initiated. Besides a dedicated team of community development field workers, an enlightened professional’s team of experts from the health, livelihoods promotion domains support the organization. In brief, strong community orientation, innovative experimental methods and innovative ways for the SHG beneficiaries development competencies has made the trust programs a very successful.

Since the interventions of the trust in the community, the JRHDT has received support from USAID, UNICEF, Save the children, NORAD, Australian high commission and Government bodies such as Ministry of Social justice & Empowerment, Ministry of Health & family welfare, DRDA, NABARD, CAPART besides other individuals. Currently programs and activities are spread across the five blocks i.e. Dudu, Phagi, Jhotwara, Sanganer, and Amer of the Jaipur district of Rajasthan.

This continuous and increasing support base has contributed significantly to the Project understanding and developing approaches and strategies for enhancing the livelihood, health support across the children-families-communities continuum. The programs have also been able to create a facilitative and enabling environment for the demonstration and scaling up of program interventions through government and international NGO Channel partnerships.

The organization facilitates exchange of resources, opportunities and competencies between businesses, communities through mutual approaches that contribute to long-term and sustainable livelihood development benefiting the difficult—to-reach sections of community of all ages in the society.

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Funding Synopsis:
S.No.Funding agenciesBusiness VolumeService Offering (Year)
1.USAID10 LakhsApr 2006 – Mar 2008
2.Canadian Embassy6 LakhsFeb 1991 – Mar 1992
3.Save the Children22 LakhsFeb 2004 – Mar 2006
4.Unicef2 LakhsApr 1996 – Jan 1997
5.Australian High Commission2 LakhsMay 1998 – June 1999
6.CAPART11 LakhsOct 1991 – Nov 1992
7.Ministry of Social justice & empowerment, Govt. of India 78 Lakhs June 1999 – to till date
8.Ministry of Family Welfare, Govt. of India30 LakhsMar 2003 – Apr 2005
9.NORAD49 LakhsAug 1993 – Sep 1999
10.NDDB7 LakhsFeb 1987 – Mar 1992
11.HUDCO12 LakhsApr 1991 – May 1992
12.NABARD1 LakhsMar 2003 – Feb 2004